Wellbeing at Hennessy

At Hennessy we value and foster the wellbeing of each and every student. Each student is a member of a Pastoral Care (PC) Class. PC Classes meet every morning and consist  of students from Year 7 to 12 and where possible retains the same Pastoral Care Teacher. Students remain in their PC class for their 6 year journey at the College. During their 6 years students will build strong bonds with their peers and PC teacher, transform from being supported by, to becoming the leaders within their PC, House and the College. The PC teacher works in partnership with the student and parent and should be the first point of contact for any concerns.

Wellbeing At Hennessy College is underpinned by the 5 elements of the Wellbeing Framework.




Families and the community collaborate as partners with the College to support student learning, safety and wellbeing.

  • Our partnerships include Parents, the St Mary’s Parish,  Catholic Education, Community Council, College Staff and the Student Leadership Team


The College Leadership team plays an active role in building a positive learning environment where the whole College community feels included, connected and safe.

  • Catholic Church & Catholic Education , Community Council,   College Staff and Student Leadership Team


Staff, students and families share and cultivate an understanding of wellbeing and support for positive behaviour and how this supports effective teaching and learning

  • College Counsellors, Student Wellbeing Sessions, Staff , and Student intervention Program.


All members of the College community are active participants in building a welcoming and respectful school culture that values diversity and fosters positive relationships. 

  • The Diverse Learning Team,  Indigenous Officer, College retreat program, Fortnightly Student Wellbeing Sessions

Student Voice

Students are active participants in their own wellbeing and learning, feel connected and use their social and emotional skills to be respectful, resilient and safe.

  • Student leadership, Peer support, Student awards program, Student Wellbeing Action Group